Register a Small Group to use Ranelagh Church building

From Tuesday 1st December the Ranelagh building will be available to host small group meetings for bible study & prayer of up to 1 hour – including entry and exit from the building (but not for social events e.g. bithday parties).

Who should fill in the Form?

The group leader/organiser will need to be the one who fills in the form. If you haven’t allocated a group leader yet, now is the time to do so. The group leader will be the person officially in charge of the ‘religious service’.

What information will the leader need?

  • Number of group participants, along with their first name and surname
  • Date & time on which the small group wants to meeting
  • Whether it will be a one-off or recurring meeting

Further Information

Do Not Attend

Do not attend if you have:

  • a temperature of 38˚C or more; any other symptoms such as a new cough, loss or changed sense of taste or smell
  • been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus
  • been living with someone who is unwell and may have coronavirus

You will need to phone your GP and along with all those you live with restrict your movements. If you have recently travelled to Ireland you will need to consult government advice.


The group leader will be the person responsible for:

  • Entry into the building – they will be told how to access the building and given relevant entry codes
  • Any cleaning, tidying that must be done
  • Exit from the building
  • Making sure that each attendee is aware of their responsibilities in regard to social distancing and when not to attend – download PDF here to send to group participants.
  • Contacting Pastor Adam on 089 211 1507 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to arrange heating, if necessary
  • Ensuring that the number of persons in the building does not exceed the agreed meeting number or the building maximum, which is 35.

Entry for everyone should be via the double doors at the front of the building, not via the single door into the youth hall.

On Arrival

  • Wash hands on entry to building
  • Sign all family members in/out in logbook (kept for contract tracing purposes)
  • All windows in the meeting room should be fully open for the duration of the meeting

While in the Building

  • Respect physical distancing guidelines of 2m (except between those who live together in the same household) at all times
  • Use wipes to clean objects after using them
  • Sanitise / wash hands regularly
  • Cloth face coverings should be worn
  • Only 1 room should be used for the meeting. Access is restricted to all other rooms
  • Kitchen facilities are not available for use
  • Communal food should not be consumed
  • Maximum duration of meeting should be 1 hour
  • A maximum of 2 persons can access each washroom at any one time
  • External doors should remain closed while the meeting is in progress

Cleaning before exit

Groups are responsible for putting chairs away and tidying up. All windows should be closed. One individual should clean door handled and window handles which have been used.

Group Registration

Group limit is currently 12 persons, but can be raised upon request. Please fill in more than 1 form if the limit of 12 persons is exceeded.

12 + 13 =