Spiritual Gifts

7 Steps to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

1. Prayer

Pray for God’s wisdom to bring you to a full understanding of what gifts of the Spirit he has given you.

2. Renew Your Committment to Dedicate Your Spiritual Gifts to Christ’s Honour & Service

 Using your gifts is about bringing honour to God & for service to others.

3. Study the Scriptures & other sources

Especially read the 3 main passages about spiritual gifts found in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 – over again and again in different versions – biblegateway.com is a good source. Optionally, read Christ’s Object Lessons, chapter 25.

4. Examine your own life

Seriously consider which spiritual gifts you might / might not have from the list. Cross off the ones you definitely don’t have. Put ? beside the ones you might have or even ticks beside the ones you think you are sure about!

5. Take a spiritual gifts test

These tests will be linked in online soon; but spend time with the first 4 steps!

6. Try using your gifts

If you think you’ve identified one or more spiritual gifts, trying finding some way within the Body of Christ to use them. It’s only as you try to use them that you’ll actually know whether they are/are not spiritual gifts.

7. Confirmation from the Body of Christ

It’s ‘ok’ to think you’ve got a gift – but this should be evident to others. Ask people who know you, “Do you think I have the gift of ….?” It’s often easier to see other people’s gifts than it is your own!

FINALLY, and most importantly, talk to Pr Adam, talk to one of the elders or church leaders, and find somewhere to use your gift/gift-mix.

Scripture Resources

BibleGateway is an excellent resources, amongst many, for viewing the bible online in many different versions.

Christ’s Object Lessons

The chapter on “Talents” is chapter 25 and it can be found online using the following link.

Spiritual Gifts Test’s

Below, you will find a list of different Spiritual Gifts tests that you can take online. Rather than just taking 1, if you have time, considering taking 2 or 3 of them. Not all Spiritual Gifts tests utilise all of the gifts we have gone over in the sermon series, therefore, the more tests you do, along with considering your own life and getting input from others, the more likely you are to actually know what your gifts are.

List of 25+ Gifts Mentioned in the Bible

You can download this list in printable format here