Greater Dublin & Ballinacrow Area Camp Meeting

                 inspiring talks – wonderful fellowship – beautiful location

General Details

Date: Friday 24 – Sunday 26 August, 2018

Venue: Ovoca Manor, Avoca, Co Wicklow

Theme: Jesus Wins! Choosing Faith over Fear

Speaker: Elizabeth Talbot

The Speaker

Elizabeth Talbot, Ph.D, is the speaker/director for the Jesus101 Biblical Institute, a teaching/training media ministry of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She has a PhD in biblical studies, and travels throughout the United States and internationally as a lecturer and revival / motivational speaker. Elizabeth is regularly featured on Hope Channel and Esperanza TV, 3ABN Latino, LLBN, ROKU (Jesus 101 channel), as well as several international TV channels and other social media venues, in addition to radio stations throughout  the United States and Canada.

Booking Information

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I don’t attend church in Dublin. Can I still go?
Absolutely. Wherever you live and whoever you are; we’d love having you there with us for the weekend.


According to Ovova Manor, an adult is anyone aged 10 years old and over and children are aged 9 years old and under.

Ovoca Manor charge day visitors a 5 euro per person per day fee for adults; this is included in the price of an adult day ticket. For children then do not charge a day visitor fee. This is why the pricing system for day tickets is as it is.

So as not too waste too much food we have set up a system whereby if you are choosing to be a day visitor then you can choose whether you want meals or not (on Friday and Sunday). Please choose appropriately, considering your own personal circumstances.


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