Sabbath School

Sabbath School Information

Ranelagh Church runs the following Sabbath School bible study classes each week. 

These classes are currently being held online while the Ranelagh church building is closed because of covid-19. All the information about how to join the classes is on the front page of our website.


The world church has designed an app which has all the Sabbath School content in for all age groups.

You can also go to your app store and search for Sabbath School – there are a number of different apps available for download. The ones by Adventech & Stefan Rusek are the most commonly used and are available for both Apple and Android devices.

Sabbath School Websites

The world church has a website for each Sabbath School age-group, with loads of resources available, including many videos and podcasts. All the links follow and you can download the SS study guides in PDF.

Beginner & Kindergarten (0-4 yrs)

Primary (5-9 yrs)

Junior: Powerpoints (10-12 yrs)

Earliteen: Real-Time Faith (13-15 yrs)

Teens & Young Adults (16 yrs +)

Material distributed in class whatsapp group.