Covid-19 Resources

We have compiled some information which we thought might be helpful to our church family and community. The information is not meant to be exhaustive, but can provide some resources for you at this time.


who you were meant to be


to the family of Christ


in Jesus as Saviour & Lord


the Good News with others

Online Service Information (Saturday 4 April)

Children / Teens & Young Adult Sabbath School classes online

Primary class, 6-9yrs

Time: 10am – 10.40am

Zoom Meeting ID: 379-032-0498 

PowerPoint class, 9-12yrs

Time: 10am – 10.40am

Zoom Meeting ID: 567-977-0648 

Earliteen class, 12-14yrs

Time: 10am – 10.40am

Zoom Meeting ID: 946-483-6717 

Teen / Young Adult Sabbath School, 15-18+

Time: 11am – 11.50am

Zoom Meeting ID: 571-641-7313 

Adult Sabbath School classes online

Russian Speaking class

Time: 9.30am – 10.50am

Zoom Meeting ID: 870-046-7443 

Spanish Speaking class

Time: 9.30am – 10.50am

Zoom Meeting ID: 571-641-7313 

English Speaking Sabbath School, 11am – 11.50am

Zoom Meeting ID: 870-046-7443 

Family Worship Service

12pm each Saturday – watch live (scroll down) or open in YouTube.

Or you can search for Ranelagh Adventist Church on YouTube.

Afternoon Bible Study

Time: 3pm each Saturday afternoon

Zoom Meeting ID: 870-046-7443

Youth Afternoon Meeting

Time: 5pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 571 641 7313

How to Use Zoom

Worship Service Online

Online Meetings (Sun 5 – Fri 10 April)

100 Days of Prayer (Youth Meetings)

Time: every Mon, Wed & Fri at 7pm

Who for? All youth & young adults

Zoom Meeting ID: 571 641 7313

Tuesday evening Teen Meetup

Time: 6pm each Tuesday evening

Who for? All teens/youth aged 12-15 years old

Zoom Meeting ID: 870-046-7443

Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting

Time: 7pm each Wednesday evening

Zoom Meeting ID: 870-046-7443

Irish Mission, 100 Days of Prayer Meeting

Time: 7.30pm each Thursdayevening

Zoom Meeting ID: 655 848 991

Led by Pastor Lorance Johnson

WhatsApp Announcements

We have set up a new WhatsApp group whereby all persons will receive important updates & announcements.

Church Newsletter

Each week on Thursday or Friday we send out a church & community email newsletter.

Online Giving

To enable you to faithfully return your tithes to the Lord and give of your freewill offerings, please see the following info.


Available every Saturday at 12pm.

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